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  • SkyLux RTT (Full-Size)

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Adventure Ready


SkyLux RTT (Full-Size)

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Built-in LED Lights

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Torro Offroad - SkyLux 4WDrive Magazine

SkyLux RTT, Annex Room, Awning, and Thermal Insulation are all included


Other SkyLux Features...

SkyLux - Camping - Overlanding

SkyLux Standard Features: The Best Roof Top Tent of 2020

Torro Offroad - SkyLux Roof Top Tent Insulation

SkyLux RTT Thermal Insulation

You and your loved ones will be more cozy when you're winter camping in your SkyLux roof top tent. It comes is winter-ready out of the box with a 6-panel quilted Polyester thermal insulation package, which is included.

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Torro Offroad SkyLux Winter by 2180miles

Built-in LED Lights and Controls

Your SkyLux RTT has built-in LED light strips (Inside and Outside), which are bright and utilize very little power. They have been designed and seamlessly embedded into the tent's frame.  They are powered by a common USB power source and can provide sustainable lighting for hours (with no chords in your way).

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Upgraded Telescoping Ladder

The upgraded Aluminum Telescoping Ladder can itself hold up to 500 lbs. The ladder is 8'6" ft tall fully extended. Unlike other RTT brands, there's no need to purchase an expensive ($60) ladder extension that you have to install yourself. You can mount the SkyLux RTT on tall Vans, Defenders, most Jeep Models, Toyota 4Runners, Tacoma's, and more.. (without the ladder being too short) 

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Follow Ryan's Journey into the Allagash Mountains in Freezing Temperatures

"..The SkyLux is a hard-shell styled tent that unfolds like traditional “soft” tents in the market. What makes this stand out so much compared to our current tent is that it.."

- Ryan McKee (@2180miles)

Torro Offroad SkyLux RTT by 2180miles

How to open the SkyLux RTT

How to take down the SkyLux RTT

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