SkyLux & SkyLux Bantam Series Roof Top Tent Description (2-Person and 4 Person Tent)

The SkyLux Hard Shell Roof Top Tent (RTT), Annex Room, Awning and Insulation: Camping made easy

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  • You can sleep 4 people comfortably in a tent designed to hold up to 900 lbs.
    • Even if you're 7 ft tall you'll have 3+ inches of extra mattress space available at length.
SkyLux RTT  (4 - Person) Dimensions:
Common Vehicle Matches: Full Size Trucks/Truck-Beds, Jeeps, FJ's, and other SUVs
Open: 6'3" x 7'3"
Closed: 6'3" x 4'7"
Weight: 150 lbs
8.5ft Ladder

SkyLux Bantam (2 - Person) Dimensions:
Common Vehicle Matches: Short-bed Trucks, Gladiators, Mini Coopers and Sedans
Open: 4'10" x 6'11"
Closed: 4'10 x 4ft
Weight: 121 lbs
7.5ft Ladder
    • The large quilted high density foam mattress will lull you into the best sleep you've ever had under the stars. Its 2" thick because that's all it needs to recover quickly and support your weight properly. Some mattresses are thick but not high density which means you might still feel the bottom/tent floor when you lay or sit on it - that's not the case here.
        • SkyLux Tents are rated for near-gale force winds (35+ mph), so you have the comfort of knowing you're safe even when the weather starts to make you doubt it. You'll also be provided aluminum stents that slip over the struts to help prevent the hard shell from closing, in the event of winds greater than 35 - 40 MPH.

            Quick and Easy Setup:

            • The Quick and Easy Setup:  All you have to do is push upwards hard shell and the gas struts will lift the hard shell up into position and hold it there.
            • The average take down time is about 1-2 minutes from ladder retraction, pushing the tent panel up, and pulling down on the provided hard shell strap to close the tent.
                • The SkyLux RTT fits almost any Car, Truck, or SUV with a roof rack/cross bars that can support 150 lbs., the weight of the SkyLux, at a minimum.
                • The floor panels are made with Aluminum Honeycomb Grid panels which means you'll never feel the floor of your tent buckle, flex, or "give" as you move around.

                • Our upgraded Aluminum Telescoping Ladder features quick release latches and can itself hold up to 300 lbs. The ladder is 8.5 ft. tall when fully extended. Unlike other RTT brands, with SkyLux there's no need to purchase a ladder extension. You only have one set of latches to extend or retract the ladder which makes setup and take down so much easier. This is a feature you'll only see on the SkyLux RTT.

                The Oxford Quality Canvas:

                • Your SkyLux tent canvas is 280GSM handmade Material (taped and stitched) with our Oxford Ripstop Polyester-Cotton Canvas which is breathable in hot climates, and prevents water saturation at the seams, which helps extend the lift of your tent for years.
                  • What is our Oxford & Ripstop Canvas? "Oxford" is an intricate weaving technique, which provides the most strength and durability for the lifetime of the canvas; protecting and preserving your canvas for years to come. "Rip-stopping" helps prevent a single hole, scratch, or tare from spreading easily.
                    • All zippers are heavy duty waterproof zippers which means that they help prevent leakage and water saturation.

                  Wall-to-Wall Thermal Insulation is Included Standard (Free):

                  Your Skylux RTT is winter-ready with a 6-panel quilted thermal insulation package, which is included. You and your loved ones will be more cozy when you're winter camping in your roof top tent.

                  We make our insulation out of a hefty polyester blend that helps keep the heat in and the cold out. Ventilation can be accomplished by opening the SkyView window, which will help reduce condensation build up.

                  * You are still responsible for weather-appropriate clothing, gear, and bedding.


                  • SkyLux features a sleek aerodynamic ABS hard shell with acrylic compound material that will fit virtually any car, truck or SUV. ABS was selected over fiberglass because it handles "wear and tear" better as well as exposure to high UV rays, typical road salt/chemicals, and is more durable.
                    • The SkyLux RTT is just 12.6 inches tall (closed) and designed to keep air flowing over your vehicle (minimizing resistance that causes a loss of miles per gallon.)
                      • The hard shell is held in place by gas struts that can withstand up to Gale-Force Winds (35 MPH Winds).
                      • Your tent will also contain aluminum stents that hold the ABS hard shell open, just in case winds exceed 35 MPH on the broad side of your tent - you're protected.
                      • There's no bulky or difficult plastic soft covers to deal with so you'll be setup, packed up, and back on the trail in a minute or two.
                          • The SkyLux's aerodynamic profile helps save gas mileage, unlike large bulky square tents on your roof that increase wind resistance and decrease your MPGs.

                        • Built-in LED light strips, which are bright and utilize very little power. They have been designed and embedded in the tent's frame with independent dimmer switches so that you careen control the  amount light inside and outside your RTT.
                        • Your LEDs can be powered common USB power sources that can provide sustainable lighting for hours.
                          • The LED lights are not flood lights, but they will come in real handy when it's lights out and you're miles aways from civilization. 
                          • Unlike other tents that feature LED lights, the SkyLux RTT has independent dimmer switches for the inside and outside lights. So you can choose which lights you have on/off AND the amount of light they give off.
                        Torro Offroad SkyLux Winter LED LIGHTS by 2180miles
                        • The tent windows shades are fully removable, increase air flow as desired, and just look stylish.
                        • The SkyView window opens widely exposing the clear skies and increases ventilation.

                          SkyLux Awning:

                          Protect your loved ones and keep the good times going even in the shade. The SkyLux Awning zips directly onto your SkyLux tent, making setup simple and easy. 

                          Having the right type of shelter in extreme temperatures is a high priority for safety and securing your tents point of entry/exit. 

                          The wide profile can be used as shelter from the rain, snow, and shade when the suns beating down on you. The more you can shelter your tents entry point the better your camping hygiene will be as you'll have more control over tracking dirt, mud, water pooling, etc.

                          Rain will be forced to roll off yards away from your tent so that you don't have to deal with rain water (and mud) pooling directly in front of your tent.


                          • The wide profile can be used as shelter from the rain/snow and shade from the hot days sun
                          • Very easy and intuitive setup as it simply zips onto the front of your SkyLux Tent
                          • 100% waterproof and UV 50+ Protected


                          • 1 Oxford polyester-cotton awning
                          • 4 poles
                          • 6 stakes + pouch
                          • 6 guy ropes
                          • 1 storage bag.

                          SkyLux Materials


                          *We strongly recommend having at least 2 people who can (together) safely handle 150 lbs. without risking physical injury to themselves or others.

                          SkyLux/SkyLux Bantam, Annex Room, Awning

                          - Wall-to-Wall Thermal Insulation Package ($249 Value)

                          - 280GSM Tent Canvas: Ripstop Poly-cotton with polyurethane coating 

                          - RainFly: Oxford Polyester (PU 4000mm) + Silver Platting

                          - Base Material: Solid Aluminum HoneyComb Grid Panels (based on NASA's design)

                          - Lightweight Aluminum Frame

                          - Modular/Fully Removable Window Covers

                          - Integrated Internal & External LED lighting (2 dimmer switches included) 

                          - Shoe Bag, which can be hung outside of the tent ($50 Value)

                          - Storage Bag, which can also be hung outside of the tent ($50 Value)

                          - Large storage bag ($60 Value)

                          - Upgraded 8.5 ft. Telescoping Ladder with a single control switch for ease of use  ($60 Value)

                          • - SkyLux Bantam - 7.5 ft. Telescoping ladder

                          - Mounting Brackets and a 17mm wrench are also Included FREE 

                          - Tent Repair (patch) Kit ($25 Value)