Purchase Order Deposit

Updated on: 4/8/20


Torro Offroad is updating it's payment processing methods to support customers that would benefit from the split payment system. Our new deposit payment system will reduce the amount you pay upfront, secure your order, and will not require further payment until your tent is ready to ship. We've partnered with Partial.ly, a well known commercial payment merchant because they help us provide you the widest range of secure financial options.

*Purchase Order Deposits can not be used with Affirm Financing options*

**If you're affected by the current COVID-19 situation, we can create a custom plan for you that will help you achieve your camping goals with flexible payment options. Please reach out to info@torro-offroad.com for more details.

With the new Order Deposit System:

  • No Credit Check Required
  • You pay 50% as a down payment
  • The remaining balance will only be due prior to shipping 
  • You DO NOT have to pay an APR as this is NOT a loan - it's just a deposit for your order.

1) Add the SkyLux RTT or SkyLux Bantam Series RTT to your cart

Torro Offroad Add to cart

2) Click the View Cart link in the box in the top right section of the screen or click the cart button.

Torro Offroad View Cart

3) Scroll down and Click the Partial.ly button in the bottom right section of the checkout.

Torro Offroad Partial Payment

 4) Take 30 seconds to create your payment account and complete the process with our authorized partner Partial.ly

(sample screen shot)


Torro Offroad Partial.ly - Authorized Payment Partner


5) Complete the quick sign up process.
6) Shopify will send you an order notification and order number
7) Torro Offroad will notify you a week or two prior to  your shipment date and request final payment.
*If you are unable to make the payment when it's due, your order will be delayed, but you will NOT lose your deposit. Your tent can be scheduled to ship when the final payment is available. *We do reserve the right to cancel orders that do not get finalized.
If you have ANY questions please contact us at info@torro-offroad.com.