Our Story

Our story..


It's Corey Johnson. I just wanted to thank you for taking a peek into a labor of love that's been in the works for almost a year. So I don't have 100,000 miles of roaming the earth and camping all over the States but who does? The journey of 1000 miles begins the same for everyone....with the first step.

This is how our journey began..

SkyLux began as a project of love. A love for the outdoors and a love for the people I wanted to share it with.

I always wanted to go camping and enjoy nature more. As a kid I would even put our kitchen chairs in a circle, grab a blanket, throw it over the chairs to make my own tent. I could stay there for hours with my siblings. I loved every chance I had to camp indoors and outdoors as I became an adult. It is a passion that stuck with me even through the long days and late nights of working life.

Corey and Amara Johnson

Not long after marrying Amara, I wanted to find something for us to do together outdoors as we both worked hard and needed the relaxation of being in nature. I had just finally got my Jeep outfitted to the point where I felt comfortable taking it and my family off road. I suggested that we go camping together.
And that's when it happened…

She said, "I'm not sleeping outside on the ground!"

I spent days trying to convince her of how much fun camping actually was, but to no avail. She just dug in her heels and insisted that I go by myself. In a last-ditch effort, I made a final appeal, “I'm going to grab some snacks for the road. Let me know if you're coming.”

… I was answered by the bathroom door slamming shut.

I went offroading and camped out alone out. It was a disheartening feeling, not being able to share the experience with someone I loved so much. And I was 100% sure she would love getting away together in all beauty and adventure nature provides if she would only give it a chance. If there was any way for us to share an offroad experience together, I wanted to give it one more shot.

When I came home, I sat down with her and explained how much it meant to me if this was something we could do together. I asked her to explain any concerns she had about camping out in nature. As we talked, I realized it all came down to one thing - Fear.

She was afraid it wasn't safe to sleep on the ground "in the woods." Not with wild predators and sudden weather conditions to contend with in the dark. Worse, she felt it would be miserable to sleep that way on the hard unforgiving ground while dealing with mosquitoes, ticks and everything running through her mind…

But there was some hope! I suggested a roof top tent. The elevation and screens would provide safety from most the typical night time visitors, and a mattress off the ground would make for more comfortable sleeping. She agreed to try it if I found one she would feel comfortable in.

I started doing some research and found a few roof top tents that would get us off the ground, but that was it. They all came with their own problems. Some were too light. The cover was too soft and high for my Grand Cherokee. The floorboards were fiberglass and too flimsy. I didn’t trust any of them with Amara's comfort and safety. At this point we were expecting my daughter Nina to be born, so I had another person counting on me to make the right choice.

Of the tents I reviewed, the very few I did find were way too expensive for the value they offered..

So, I switched gears. Instead of settling for a soft cover or getting just tent for $4,000, I started thinking about what I could put together that would meet her needs. I talked to a few manufacturers in the Midwest. However, the cost for what I wanted was higher than the most expensive tent on the market. So I looked elsewhere.

Instead, I hired an engineer and started to describe my desired specifications and requirements. This helped visualize the concept and I took the resulting design and started looking for manufacturers. I finally found one that had the same passion and dedication that I did. So after months of vetting and testing, we got right to work. After a few iterations, we landed with a base frame that was already popular - the NASA grade honeycomb grid panel, with materials and support system capable of holding a small family securely.

SkyLux Diagram 1After some research we wrapped a handmade canvas around the frame and began to slowly add the comforts that would convince my wife to finally join me under the stars. A single piece of high density foam as the mattress for comfort. Everything was designed to keep the experience easy, comfortable, and safe for even for a novice camper like my wife.
After a few sample runs, we finally had a tent she could live with. She climbed up halfway, down on the edge with her feet on the ladder. She then climbed all the way to the top, sat down gave me the biggest smile I've seen and said, "I love it!"

And that was how the SkyLux RTT was born. And now we are sharing our passion with fellow camping enthusiasts and nature lovers. It was hard to believe that I was the only one experiencing all of those problems. So we began this journey and decided to offer the fruits of our labor to the camping community. The end goal is to provide the most value and the best customer service possible.

My journey is what instilled the obligation to deliver value to our customers and support the camping community. Everyone has their own journey...If your reading this I hope it allows ours paths cross.


Corey Johnson