Adventure Ready Blog

Episode 5: Campfire 101
Whether you’re using it for cooking a meal, making divine chocolate s’mores, or just warming up, fires have the ability to bring us together and turn around even the most miserable day on the trails. This week we take a quick look at necessary safety precautions to take when playing with fire.
Episode 3: Overland Adventures
Overlanding, backcountry adventure, and car camping have one common purpose - getting out and exploring the world.
Episode 2: Gearing Up For Camping
Whether you’re heading into the woods for the first or thousandth time, via foot or on rubber tires gripping the dirt beneath, there’s a lot to think about and plan for before you head out on a camping trip. Let's look at the gear needed to stay safe and have a great time.
Episode 1: An Intro to Adventure Ready

We’re excited to announce a big addition to the Torro website, a new blog called Adventure Ready dedicated to providing informative and engaging info about all kinds of off-pavement activities. We’ll talk about overlanding: trip-planning, vehicle builds & modification, as well as hiking & backpacking, photography, videography, and a ton of other great stuff. Our goal is to get you as #AdventureReady as possible so you can enjoy the outdoors safely & to the fullest.