Episode 1: An Intro to Adventure Ready

The team at Torro Offroad would like to officially welcome you to the launch of our new blog, Adventure Ready. After dreaming up and bringing to market a new kind of roof-top tent last winter and finding overwhelming reception from the eager community of vehicular adventurers, we thought it would be a great time to add an accompanying blog to our website, covering a variety of subjects that we hope will appeal to many people of all interests and experience. The off-roading, overlanding, and adventuring world is exploding at a never before seen rate. As technology encompasses nearly every aspect of our lives, more and more people are looking for any excuse to head into the woods, get off grid, and experience all that the world has to offer.

While our day-to-day operations at Torro are focused on developing and providing innovative products that make getting off pavement an easier and more enjoyable experience, our hope with this new blog portal is to provide an informative and constantly growing resource of information to encourage your own adventure. Some topics you can look forward to will include:


What exactly is overlanding? We’ll talk about setting your vehicle up to be a sustainable and well-equipped base for all sorts of adventure. Discussions will cover things like radios necessary for long-distance backcountry communications, GPS navigation and tracking, and electronics set-ups including device charging, refrigerators, and auxiliary lighting. If you’ve got interest in adding a light bar or winch to your vehicle, we will cover how to go about safely doing so, including adding auxiliary switches and even second battery set-ups for trips that keep you away from civilization for days at a time. While not every vehicle needs to be fully outfitted for weeks of self-sustainability, it’s still incredibly important to be equipped with the proper tools and safety gear to navigate a variety of situations, and we will help you narrow down what’s most important when space and money matter.



With just under 100,000 miles of hiking trails in the United States, there are readily accessible routes for people of all skill levels everywhere in the country. Whether you’re planning your first hiking trip or are experienced enough to be considering long-distance multi-week hikes, topics will cover things like choosing a backpack, setting up a campsite, cooking on the trail, and even convincing your significant other why they should tag along. Away from the excess storage and safety that a vehicle provides it’s even more important to carry the right gear for every circumstance. Equipment like sleeping bags, ground pads, and headlamps will have a huge impact on your comfort at a campsite, while choosing the right GPS or EPIRB (Electronic Position Indicating Radio Beacon) can make the difference between life and death if something goes wrong while you’re in the woods.

The beautiful thing about backcountry adventure by foot is that there is immeasurable acreage nationwide open to explore. Getting away from a vehicle allows access to so much more land and so many more landscapes than that available by roads. While planning hikes of any distance, it’s important to know how to approach time away from the safety net of a car to ensure an enjoyable and exciting adventure that will be sure to leave you wanting more.


Photography & Video Media

In a world where we have more access to technology suited for capturing moments than ever before, we’ll dive deeper and focus on all sorts of photography and videography, from basic to advanced, even touching on drone piloting and covering all sorts of gear available on consumer and prosumer levels. This blog will discuss popular editing software like Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Premiere to make photos and video stand out even more, as well as cover hard drive and cloud-based storage options to keep your media safe for years to come. While the iPhone in your hand is a great avenue for quickly capturing shots of all kinds, there are tons of options available to capture even better imagery while you’re out adventuring.


The team at Torro Offroad looks forward to compiling a vast collection of information on topics like these, and many more. We'll be telling stories, and answering questions about every aspect of backcountry travel and adventure. Our mission is to manufacturer the equipment and provide the resources to truly make you Adventure Ready. If there’s something you’re interested in learning about please feel free to reach out to us at the e-mail below, and keep an eye out for our next article coming soon.

We’ll see you down the trail!

          - Torro Offroad

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