Backcountry Navigation & Communication with Garmin

Lewis & Clarke, Christopher Columbus, Magellan, Ernest Shackleton, Sir Edmund Hillary… what do they all have in common? These great adventurers and globally renown explorers each used the best maps available to them at the time, often creating some of their own as they went, to reach places many had dreamed of, but few had ever been. While the 21st century has brought about a great amount of technology that gets us closer than ever to seeing the world without leaving our computer, many of us still yearn for the adventure the unknown brings. Unfortunately, traveling into the unknown has its risks, but lucky for us great companies exist to give us the digital and technological edge-up as we head out into the desert, woods, mountains, and even the neighborhood across town. The team here at Torro Offroad is incredibly excited to announce our new partnership with Garmin, a world leader in mobile GPS devices, so that you can adventure safely with the assurances that come from easy access to data and location information we would never consider leaving home without. 

Garmin Overlander GPS


One of the biggest challenges we face in the backcountry, whether hiking, cycling, or driving, is the lack of reliability in data connections. When something goes wrong and you don’t have cell service to call for help, what’s your next step? With Garmin’s InReach Mini, you can send an SOS signal to emergency rescue services, operated by GEOS, with 24-hour two-way communication, location tracking, and emergency response dispatch abilities specific to your location and situation. Not only are emergency communications available, but you can also put these devices to use communicating with loved ones at home via pre-set messages (often used for “I’m safe!” or “Finished the hike!”) as well as text message abilities. Whether or not you like to stay connected when you’re adventuring, the ability to do so if you ever truly needed to is invaluable.



Not only do Garmin products allow for communication, but they also have an extensive product line of devices that produce the best digital mapping available. We’re now proud to carry Garmin’s Overlander and Montana 700i GPS devices for navigating around the world. The Overlander offers topographical maps, key for finding your way through rugged terrain, as well as the ability to search for the nearest points of interest, campsites, boundary lands, and 4x4 trails, even when you’re in the middle of nowhere. These devices high-resolution displays allow for crystal clear views of satellite imagery that come in immensely handy when picking out the best campsites or getting a better understanding of the terrain ahead of you. Paper maps are a fantastic thing to have in your vehicle or backpack, but when up-to-date data is an absolute must, products like these can make an incredible difference in your adventure.


Garmin Watch & InReach Mini


Quick Advantages of Garmin Devices:

  • Easy, up-to-date map access
  • Multi-network satellite navigation
  • Two-way messaging abilities
  • Interactive SOS / Emergency Response from anywhere in the world
  • Precise location tracking

Whether you’re traveling in a group or solo, it’s important to have the safety measures in place for an enjoyable but safe trip. It’s often said that the information available on our computers and with our smartphones has made us more reliant on technology than ever before. With devices like those in Garmin’s line-up you can quickly and painlessly access vital mapping information no matter where you are without staring at a paper map wondering where you are in relation to the page you’re looking at. One button press will give you a nearly instantaneous answer to that very question, which can get you to your next water source, campsite, or out of harm’s way, safer and faster. In the event of an emergency the SOS functions can quite literally be the difference between life and death, even when you’re hundreds of miles from the nearest person or emergency service.

Garmin products are globally recognized as being the best combination of exploration information, data, and safety device all in one. We’re immensely excited to be able to bring them to you, and will gladly answer any questions you may have about these fantastic pieces of gear. Check out our Garmin product pages, and make one yours today.

See you down the trail!

            - Torro Offroad


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