9 Signs You Need A Rooftop Tent To Make Your Next Adventure Unforgettable

Camping can be: 

Or it can be:

What can turn the former into the latter?

The equipment you bring. More specifically, your tent.

Because this one, important, piece of equipment can make or break your whole experience.

Set-up can take an hour or more, it’s hard to get a good night’s sleep – even on a standard camping mattress – and space in your vehicle is always at a premium, which means you can’t always take everything you want to.

Whether you’re a camping enthusiast or you’re ready for your first trip, if these 9 signs resonate with you, it’s time to start thinking about upgrading your vision of life in the great outdoors.

Here are 9 signs that you need a rooftop tent for your next camping adventure.

1. You don’t want to share your bed with critters

Or have a snake slither into your bed. Or a bobcat try to rip through your tent.

You know, the usual pest worries that come with adventuring in the great outdoors.

A rooftop tent keeps you off the ground and away from the wild animals that may wander into your campsite, looking for a bite to eat. (Like a nice, juicy arm.)

(Disclaimer: It cannot protect you from in-laws, screaming children, or similar kinds of creatures you don’t want to tangle with. Best wishes.)

2. You want more than 5mm of fabric between you and the ground

“My favorite part about camping is sleeping on rocks after a long day of hiking.” 

-No one, ever

Let’s not beat around the bush. 

Nobody likes to sleep on the uncomfortable ground. And even camping mattresses don’t give you enough support to get good rest and wake up feeling refreshed enough for a new adventure.

With a rooftop tent, you’ll not only be off the ground (no rocks jabbing into your side all night), but you’ll get the sleep you need to explore the next day. 

Rooftop Tent

It’s like, seriously comfortable. 

(If you find yourself wanting to sleep on top of your vehicle in your own driveway, nobody would blame you.)

Bottom line: You’ve never slept in so much comfort at a campsite.

3. You’re tired of not having enough room in your vehicle 

One of the most common complaints of tent campers is that they don’t have enough room for all the gear they’d like to take with them.

If you have to choose between your tent and your fishing rod and tackle box, you’re going to miss out on that delicious, fresh trout.

But, with a rooftop tent, you don’t have to limit your outdoor adventures by how much room you have in your vehicle. You don’t need to bring a mattress, blow up pads, tent lights, etc. Those space savers are included and riding on the roof.

4. You want to camp all year-round

If you’re a diehard outdoorsman, you don’t like anything getting in the way of your good time.

Including rain and snow. 

A rooftop tent allows you to stay dry, comfy, and cozy no matter what’s going on outside. Made of waterproof, weather resistant materials, don’t worry about scaling back your fun when the forecast looks less-than-stellar.

Skylux Tent

5. You want to be free as an eagle when choosing a location

Eagles go wherever the heck they want to go.

And you should, too.

Anywhere your vehicle can travel, you can camp with your rooftop tent. 

The beach? Yep.

The mountains? Of course.

The rim of the Grand Canyon? Don’t mind if I do.

(You get the picture.) 

6. You want to stare down gale-force winds without blinking

Let’s just say that if Dorothy’s farmhouse had been made of the same stuff rooftop tents are, she would have never found herself dancing down the yellow brick road with munchkins.

But seriously, with a rooftop tent that’s made to withstand the weather (including strong winds), you don’t have to get nervous if you’re out in the wilderness and the breeze starts to kick up.

7. You don’t want to spend half your trip wrestling with a tent

Here’s Captain Obvious dropping by to say, “Camping is fun.”

BUT. And it’s a big but. 

Setting up and taking down your tent can take way too long.

When you have a limited time to enjoy a little getaway, you want to squeeze every moment of fun out of it as possible.

With a rooftop tent, setup and teardown take less time than Usain Bolt can cover 745 meters.

(It’s true. Look it up.)

Here’s the deal: You want fun not hassle. 

If you can have your tent totally setup in less than 60 seconds, you just gained a whole lot more time to enjoy the fun stuff.

8. You want the best of both worlds

You want the thrills of camping with the comfort of home.

Rooftop tent camping gives you the opportunity to take in beautiful views, explore new territory, and enjoy some peace and quiet. 

Rooftop Tent

But when you zip up your tent, you’re snug and comfy, just like when you’re relaxing in your favorite easy chair at home.

(Honestly, the thought of that makes me want to hop in my vehicle and go, NOW!)

9. You want to impress the masses with your rig

Of all the reasons that a rooftop tent makes sense for you and your adventuring, this one may be the silliest, but whatever..facts.

I admit it.

But hold on a sec. 

Because tent-envy is a thing and your un-rooftop-tent-ed friends will have it as soon as they see you roll up with one of these beauties gracing your roof rack.

Rooftop Tent

And that’s going to feel really good.

Get Your Passport Stamped For Adventure With A SkyLux Rooftop Tent

If you read this list and thought – “I think I need to consider joining the rooftop tent (RTT) family” – then you’re in the right place.

At Torro Offroad, we’ve developed the perfect hard shell rooftop tent that will set you up for a reliable, hassle-free trip – so you can spend more time enjoying it, not regretting it.

We call it our Skylux Rooftop Tent.

Skylux Tent

With water-resistant, weather-proof construction, a highly-rated mattress, and the durability to travel into the roughest terrain, your adventures don’t have to be limited. It goes wherever you go.

Set up in a flash (under 60 seconds) and get adventuring. 

No fuss, hassle-free camping freedom is calling your name.

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